H-BOXX lid Trade

Colour: slate grey
Dimensions: B543 x T280 x H30
Weight: 0,9 kg

Can be clicked with any floor module,
foldable handle and soft rubberised.

Item number: 6000011238
Price: 25,50 €

H-BOXX bottom Trade

Colour: slate grey
External dimensions: B543 x T280 x H130
Internal Dimensions: B480 x T240 x H106
Weight: 1,6 kg
Volume: 12,1 l

Item number: 6000011237
Price: 39,00 €

Labelling set H-BOXX

14 self-adhesive labels on a DIN A4 sheet. Laser printer suitable.

You will find a print template on our homepage.

Item number: 6000011140
Price: 25,00 €

PE/PU Foam Set Mix

3 PE-Plates for individual self-cutting with 2-part PU corrugated foam.

Item number: 6000011624
Price: 19,95 €

Foam insert H-BOXX

pre-perforated foam sheets for individual organization of the H-BOXX.
Item number: 6100000365
Price: 15,95 €

Cardboard boxxes set H-BOXX

2 carton boxes for individual organization of the H-BOXX

Item number: 6100000369
Price: 39,95 €

Caddy with belt for H-BOXX

inclusive belt with plug fastener for an ergonomic transport.

Unfolded: W390 x D430 x H1030
Folded: W390 x D50 x H320
Weight / load capacity: 3,2 kg / 50 kg

Item number: 6000011634
Price: 98,00 €

Anti-slip pad H-BOXX

prevents scratches on the bottom of the BOXX and protects the exhibits.

Item number: 6000011625
Price: 4,40 €

Belt for motor vehicle

Length-adjustable automatic belt
for load fixing in motor vehicles.

Item number: 6000011626
Price: 16,05 €

H-BOXX Cover monitor

Item number:
Price: On request

H-BOXX Frame

Item number: 6100000450
Price: 36,00 €